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Earth Day 2020

COVID-19 is causing horribly tragic, and sad health problems around the globe! 

What can we learn from the horrible tragedy as Italy gets hit so hard, although we are being taught something great from this as as well, pollution has gone down substantially in Italy!   Lets consider this people as we look to the future and getting things back to normal!  What can we change - we might find COVID-19 - my personal hypothesis is, its a dynamic virus that is thriving in high Carbon monoxide (COenvironments, hence the similarities to other acute dangers in the environment!  If we don't tread lightly on our planet, more horrendous health issues will be on the horizon as these little things attempt to thrive, evolve and adapt to the environment man is choosing to create - just like us! Each and every one of us has day to day choices that ad up, and equal either good or bad impact on the environment and what Mother Nature, Gea, Earth, the creator, Essentially God gives us back - I don't speak for the full group but I know God, we must take care of his gift the Earth, this isn't the landlords with stinky bums and short lives, this is God's land we must take care of it in our short time here!

Mr. E Guardians of Earth Board Member 


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