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Happy Earth Day 2020 every buddy! 

We are so happy at - as well a time of grave crisis, we are given immense lesson from God, and the spirit realm on Keeping Earth, our house clean!  Look at how beautiful the waters of the world are with our cooling!  Our hand is forced to just be still!  Look the animals are given piece from our destruction!  Can we please meditate on that!   

What can we do to change?   We must focus on that!  Lets embrace our families and image!  What if you and your family where dolphins or orcas and you where have a great family day and you swam through some toxic waste or an oil spill, or some engine coolant?   What a tragedy our actions are!  What can each and every one of us do to change - when we come back to normal what lessons can we take to 9-5 life that just makes the world better and cleaner!  Obviously money doesn't make the sun rise or set, only God's will does!

Go to list of pros and cons about current commerce!


He is proving that  and I believe giving time to the Spiritual leaders of Canada our great native tribes - look he has punished the rest of us to back up the Wi ti sut ens! 


One thing I learned in the far North while I was with many of many animal and native Canadian friends is how to live, and how to embrace the presence of being!  That fulfillment can not be purchased!  Actually the healing remedies of the agents can not be commercialized or great curses come!  They are to be given freely!  As a member of the Canadian Christian Sect I must quote Jesus Christ of Nazareth he said "As I have, give freely."