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Green Earth And Recycle Activities

1)One of the activities that we can do this spring is make egg carton flowers!

Egg Carton Flowers with Ms. CEgg Carton Flowers with Ms. C

The instructions are found on this website:


In addition to making use of the egg cartons we can also talk about the different benefits of eggs. I think it is important to explore the idea of nothing going to waste for example:

when we buy a carton of eggs – we can make egg carton flowers with the carton (as seen in this example)


We can make different recipes with the egg yolks such as Hollandaise Sauce, Cranberry lemon curd tarts… etc (


We can use a face mask out of the egg whites


And use the shell of the egg for our gardens to deter slugs and snails or even feed the birds! (


2)Another great idea is to make an all-natural coffee scrub which exfoliates the skin (


3)If you don’t like the smell of coffee another body scrub that is all natural there is the coconut lime body scrub that will help moisture the skin


4)Working with Essential oils – One of my favorite things to do for any season is to make a face mist from essential oils along with other natural ingredients. This is a great website that has the recipes to the different face mists,and%20top%20with%20distilled%20water.