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A little about Guardians of Earth Calgary -

We are a not for profit group, working in the community too do positive special events and activities, get people too be more; in contact with earth saving habits, community initiatives, and  good life experiences.  

We are a positive community group and do not hold bars to our members!

Any one from any walk of life is welcome to; join, support us, sponsor group events and initiates, or take part!

We do; garbage drives and community clean ups, are a resource for any one in need, and from time to time get out and provide free meals, and food to people in need in the community!

Its not just about garbage, or putting down the ipad to be out in the community, its about loving your neighbours the earth and having a good time! is a public organization founded in 2018 by Crislen Barnecia.  Crislen is a lover of nature, and very positive force in 

Founder and CEO of Guardians of Earth CanadaFounder and CEO of Guardians of Earth Canada

the community.  She does much volunteering at the hospitals and doing other volunteer work to better the city, including her amazing contributions for

Our group is a bunch of Canadians that want to help create a spirit of good feeling for a better living environment. 

The problems we are having with the environment and similarly with mental health, crime and all of societies problems are link-able to greed, and other negative formulas of the mind body and sole!  Thus you can see the money matters, and psychological issues behind our need to change society to protect the environment.

From just telling your friends about to participating in social and debate group events, to helping out in the community by picking up garbage and just learning about a healthy habitat for humans, animals and our over looked contributors to a green earth, the insects, birds and small animals, its really easy to be a good guardian of the Earth!

We are happy people trying to look for the good in society, not just point out the bad.   Lets all do our part and be

Where the first meetings of have been taking place!Where the first meetings of have been taking place!

Falconridge Community Centre in East, Calgary, Alberta, Canada