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Education Stuff for Green Living

Getting involved with our group is a good opportunity to take part in and learn about helping to preserve nature and improve your stewardship of the environment and develop habits of active and healthy lifestyles around saving the environment.

Environmental schools combine green education with social education; as such, we create materials used to better peoples habits and get them to think and have confidence.

Alot of people don't understand that what they do and everyone else does adds up - if we all do the right thing combined we will have a much cleaner earth and healthier living environement with less cancers and more smiles!


We are working on it and well stay tuned here is a good tip for kids and people into crafts -


Take time to reflect on what you and your family can do for your home!

Egg Carton Flowers by Ms. CEgg Carton Flowers by Ms. CGreen Earth and Recycle Activities - Egg Carton Flowers



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