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This is the Pros and cons page of the Commerce shut down from COVID

Pros of COVID-19 Lock down

Less air pollution

Less obvious water un settling putting garbage into the bodily member of water life

Less high thrust propulsion systems turning the ocean into a giant meat grinder - that comes from large vessels as they suck in millions of gallons of water and thrust it through there water propulsion systems desimating water species numbers!

More family time

Less need to burn folsel fuels

More efficiency of consumption as we are grouped together on scedual

Also making God smile because we are stuck with the ones we love the most

COVID-19 Lock down Cons

less human transportation of goods

Less human traffic on demand for long distance or cross city movement

Less international and commerce in general 

If you can think of anything to ad to the list

Similarly to the sea creatures that have communities, feelings and families and have been dying due to mans pollution and childish maner of commerce our loved ones have been dying in massive numbers all over the world!

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