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Contribute to Guardians of Earth Be a Guardian!

Regular Citizen contributions Through research & Action

We are going to be doing a study of peoples day to day routines and are asking for feed back - the general public can send us a note about what they are doing to help the Earth through there day to day routines. Please send your thoughts through the contacts forms on this site!

As well you can send us the stories of what you and your friends are doing to help in the community!  


We are excepting donations for help with the web site, programming, we need bags for garbage clean up and other things please contact us for more information on donations

Sponsorship and Branded Advertising

Businesses that want to Sponsor Guardians of Earth can gain publicity through our branded media and we are interested in posting articles disusing your corporate initiatives to bring care for the Earth into your business plans

Let us talk about it, and get you Brand recognition for being a corporate Guardian of The Earth!

For more info on these opportunities please contact us.

If you would like to make any type of contribution to, please submit this form. A representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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