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COVID-19 MESSAGE: Guardians of Earth is not holding any meetings right now! Please book mark us and stay tuned for more information!


A Thanks to Canada from Guardians of Earth Canada


Good Job Canada on your social distancing and discipline! To every one!

Tips N Ticks to not Catch COVID-19 From Guardians of Earth Canada & to keep up the good work until the COVID-19 has a vaccine or we see the number of infections drop down to zero!

  1. Keep a minimum of six feet at all times from anybody if you are around people not in your living unit family (any one under the same roof)
  2. Have a mask ready to go at all time!  Keep it simple as mask can even be a handkerchief folded over and tied around your head like the old cowboy dust storm mask! It helps - even if you got 20% of the covid-19 into your system that you would have with out the mask that means you have an 80% chance of your body beating the infection if it happens
  3. Always, where a mask if you are standing in line, even if six fee apart in wind - the COVID-19 is strong virus and wind can take it along way
  4. Be very disciplined and aware of your hands - carry hand sanitizer, or at least remember not to touch your eyes, ears, nose or mouth when you are around public places or around any out side of your living unit area that you can't guarantee that has not had an infection
  5. Kick peoples buts who are not paying attention to social distancing rules - tell people - if people don't have the courage or discipline, tell them to stay six feet away and ware a mask - BE A HEALTHY LEADER NOT A SICK, OR DEAD FOLLOWER

We are for;

  • A cool Earth
  • Safe communities
  • Healthy breathing air
  • Clean water
  • A good habitat for natural wildlife



 Be happy, be healthy, live cleanly! LIVE LONG

Join in the group discusions!